About Us

We Are BRP!

Big Red Pride (BRP) is a non-profit organization that was formed by citizens of our community many years ago to help support kids, teachers, coaches, and activities in Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District. BRP is run by dedicated parents and volunteers who spend many hours organizing special events and working school concessions in order to provide financial help and resources within our district. In the last few years, Big Red Pride has provided thousands of dollars to help fund the equipment and activities listed at the bottom of this web page.



If you have a child in the Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District, it is to your benefit to help volunteer at the sports concessions stands throughout the year. If every parent signs up for two or more concessions stand times throughout the year, we can ensure continued funding of many activities and events that make our school district great. If we can’t earn money due to lack of volunteerism, we can’t support the kids. Please sign-up today…Big Red Pride is only possible with your help. Please stop by the outdoor or indoor concessions stands to sign up, or go to the BRP website (wmubigredpride.com) or WMU Big Red Pride Facebook page to register online using the link to signupgenius. KIDS…remember that you can help too! You can earn money towards school trips and class funds by volunteering in the concessions stands throughout the year. Parents can also work shifts for their children and apply it to their school trips/class funds.


Benefactors of Big Red Pride and our donations in the last few years are below.

  • Track warm-ups
  • State Golf-hotels and food
  • Coaching certificates
  • Women’s Track uniforms
  • Snow Valley Basketball Camp
  • Football shoulder pads
  • Yamaha Vibraphone U of I Hitting Camp
  • HUDL scouting software/balance program
  • Women’s Basketball uniforms
  • U of I Future Player Eval Camp
  • Wartburg College CC Camp Printing of vinyl banners
  • Baseball field chalk for line markings
  • Cheerleading uniforms
  • IWU Hitting League
  • ProMound bricks and clay
  • Drake Relays-hotels and food
  • IWU Pitching/Catching Camp
  • Fence crown, etc. for track/football field
  • Batting cage net/home plate mat
  • Warrior Boy’s BB Summer Shootout
  • Fruit fundraiser
  • Baseball pants
  • Indoor batting cage and winch system
  • Kiln for art classroom/club
  • IWU Team Basketball Camp
  • Jr. High and HS catcher’s gear
  • Upright bass for W-MU Band
  • State Cross Country-hotels and food
  • W-MU Volleyball Camp
  • Batting helmets
  • Football uniforms
  • W-MU Football Camp
  • The Chute Basketball Camp
  • Clinician to work with Jazz Band
  • W-MU Basketball Camp
  • Tri-State Volleyball Camp