Who currently serves on Big Red Pride? Who can I contact?

BRP includes Jessica Kruse (President), Sara Schurr (Vice President), Angel Ingwersen (Treasurer), Marcia Jamison (Secretary), Lynn Humphreys, Danelle Freeman, and Jennifer Brady. You are welcome to contact any member.


If I sign up to work concessions, do I have to work all night?

No, Big Red Pride asks that you plan on a 2 hour shift when you work. Of course, you are welcome to spend more time helping! Due to health and safety guidelines, if you have long hair, it must be pulled back (ponytail, clip) while working.


What if my kids are in activities?

I don’t want to miss their events. Many Big Red Pride members are busy parents who value seeing their own children’s events also. We don’t want you to miss your children’s activities. There are plenty of times to help when your children are not involved in activities! If you have a football player, sign up to work volleyball/basketball/track/baseball concessions. If you have a high school student, sign up to work a junior high game. If you work evenings, sign up to work a Saturday tournament.


How does Big Red Pride benefit me?

Big Red Pride helps ensure that our classrooms, sports teams, and music programs have appropriate safety equipment, nice uniforms, instruments, supplies, and special travel expenses. As many of you know, the school’s budget is very tight, and BRP helps offset some expenses by allowing coaches/sponsors to request additional funds above and beyond what would normally be possible. It is fun! Working concessions allows you the opportunity to get to know members of your community while working toward a common good.


Do I have to sign up for concessions? Can’t you just call me when I’m needed?

It saves the Big Red Pride board many valuable hours if you will sign up for shifts plenty ahead of time. It helps with planning of resources and budgeting of time. We truly appreciate you being willing to give of your time, and it helps us greatly to have you sign-up in advance.


How does Big Red Pride benefit my kids?

Along with the multiple benefits mentioned previously, your kids learn valuable communication skills, responsibility, work ethic, and team work by participating in concessions work.


Does Big Red Pride fund all requests?

No. Big Red Pride strives to be responsible stewards of the limited resources that we have. We thoroughly review requests and do our best to support causes important to our school, our teachers/coaches, and our kids.


How do I request financial help for my sport team/activity/child?

If you are requesting financial/resource support, you need to fill out a Big Red Pride requisition form (available via our requisition form page or through Barb Brown in the central school office) and attend our monthly meeting (generally the 2nd Wednesday of the month) prior to handing in your request. This gives the committee opportunity to ask questions about the request. Due to the demand for dollars, it is important to submit your request early so we can potentially budget for your request.


What if I would like to make a financial contribution to BRP rather than working concessions shifts?

Big Red Pride is a commitment to the success of our district. Many of the items that further our students and district would not be possible without this booster club supplementing the needs. We would encourage you to consider volunteering for Big Red Pride as part of your commitment to the school and our young citizens. If you are unable to work concessions, we welcome financial donations.


Is Big Red Pride on Facebook?

Yes! We strive to keep our Facebook page (WMU Big Red Pride) and website (wmubigredpride.com) updated to remind people of events and opportunities to volunteer and support our school. We hope you find the online sign-up process through signupgenius to be effective and efficient. When you register for signupgenius, you can request email and text reminders of your shifts.